ABOUT Nicole Forrester - The Olympian Blog

I’m Nicole Forrester and I write The Olympian Blog, to help other’s achieve their personal excellence, whether it is in athletics or life.  I began blogging in 2008 for Lenovo as an athlete for the Beijing Olympic Games, and haven’t looked back since.  Recently, my blogs have become directionally focused covering topics from athletics to relationships.
I draw upon my knowledge as an Olympian, PhD Candidate in Sports Psychology and life experiences in writing my blogs.  Specifically, I walk readers through my preparation for the 2012 London Olympic Games and academic pursuit, provide inspirational/motivational tips, as well as offer weekly discussions on hot/taboo topics; I like to refer to as Achtung!  I hope to provide an honest perspective of my life, and inspire others to truly achieve their objectives in life. 

I truly believe we can be and have all things we want.  Most times it takes a lot of work, but if you are persistent enough and have a committed mind, there are no limits to what life can offer.
To help navigate through my blog, I offer daily topic areas:

Sunday – Lyrics & Inspiration

Monday – ACHTUNG Series! (A discussion of hot/taboo and sometimes controversial topics)

Tuesday & Thursday – Athletics & Academics (My love and pursuit in these two areas)

Wednesday – Relationships (Possibly one of my more tougher areas to blog on, but an topic area my readers seem to enjoy)

Friday – Excellence in Life (A mixture of “How To’s” and inside tips to get the most out of various pursuits in life.  For these blog I will rely heavily on my academia knowledge and personal experiences in achieving excellence.

To contact me, please email nicole@nicoleforrester.com.