Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Raining Men/Women: The Art of Being Attractive

Don’t you find it funny that when you are not trying to date or looking for a relationship, the river is overflowing with options? However, when you are in a good head space about dating, ready to give your best, nobody’s around? Pretty odd, don't you think?  Wouldn't the latter option be the ideal person to date? 
I’ve been unofficially studying this phenomenon for awhile, and I’ve determined that when you are looking for “love” you have a stench confused with desperation. It’s human nature for people to want what they can’t have. Availability reduces your value. It’s a simple case of supply and demand; the supply being your willingness to give yourself to a relationship.

Comparatively, having someone interested in you can provide a false sense of bravado. This “false” sense of confidence can make you even more attractive to other people, and all of a sudden you become the flavour of the month… But, it’s short lived… It’s completely influenced by the opinions of others. Once you become out of style, the relapse can make you so insecure, that your “glory days” may be a distant memory.

The truth of the matter is that people are attracted to confidence (with the exceptions of “Shallow Hal’s” who are mainly attracted to beauty. I’ll blog more about this on Monday.) 

If you’re looking for love or to at least garner the attention of possible suitors, take stock in WHO you are (not what you do). Radiate that with confidence (NOT ARROGANCE) and the stench of desperation will be removed. Also, you’ll possibly find yourself a magnet of superpower attractiveness.

One last note… the next time someone amazing comes along, who wants to make themselves available to you, try them out... You may find they are indeed a perfect fit, and what you’re chasing are waterfalls.

Unofficial Dating-Phenomenon Researcher,

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