Monday, August 18, 2008

Angels in the Dugout

Okay.. So, its been a moment since I've last blogged. I've been busy in transit. I've just returned to the village after being away at a training camp in Singapore. It is nice to be back but I'm also glad I'm just returning. Competing at the end of the games as the advantage of greater preparation time. For me the latter is important.

Today something dawned on me. While we the athletes are on the frontline and ultimately deciding our fate there are many people in the back, that the spectators do not see. It's the physiotherapists, chiropracters, masseause, coaches, and sponosors (as well as the family and friends) preparing us for battle. Our team therapists have been phenominal. They are the last one leaving the track arriving back in the village at midnight only to return to the track at 7 am.

As we approach competition days our demands from our therapists become greater. Suddenly, a minor tooth ache can manifest into needing our neck and spine looked at... okay, I'm exaggerating of course. The point is we are trying to make sure everything is working as we want it to our therapists are there to make sure we are... and never showing fatigue. Willing to help us and reassure us for battle.

Thank you Team Canada!


David Churbuck said...

Nicole --
It was an honor to meet you today at the iLounge. Best of luck with your competition. I will be cheering for you.

David Churbuck, Lenovo said...

Hey Nicole,
Best of luck in your have already reached heights of greatness and for that we are all proud.