Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I'm really loving Lenovo! I've been a partnership with Lenovo since May, blogging about my various experiences. They provided the tools ( a laptop and camera) I simply type. And let me tell you, its nice to know there are people out there that want to hear about your rambling. But, this isn't the real reason I love Lenovo.

Let me tell you why I think they are great! While I was in Singapore I accidently injured my laptop. Apparently laptops are designed to open and close, and opening a laptop beyond its desire range of motion can break the hinges...umm.... well let's just say I did the latter. Gradually my laptop no longer would stay open, it would either violently close or go back 180 degrees.

So, I shamefully brought in my new laptop, to Lenovo (which was onsite in the Village) to take a look at my once beautiful Lenovo Laptop. Yes, I was ashamed of the destruction I had performed, in such a short span of time. To my surprise, Kevin Walker a representative with Lenovo and the VP of Gobal Web Marketing, David Churbuck took extraordinary care of me.
They replaced my laptop, providing me with a sleek upgraded Beijing Special Edition slim version laptop (IdeaPad U110). Placed all my documents on my previous computer on my new computer and external hard drive. And provided me with nothing but love, support and kindnss. Never making me feel bad about my accident. These guys were great! Customer and Client Service -- Grade A.

I have used a lot of various laptops over the years, and without a doubt I can say that none measure up to Lenovo.

Loving Lenovo,

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Anonymous said...

Oh gee, you1re such a beautiful black woman with that great smile on your face!
I don't actually know your name at this point [as I've came here searching for my favourite Lenovo netbook posts], but it's cool anyway!

Best regards and cheers,
- Mark, Poland