Sunday, October 19, 2008


A few months ago I offered a few blog entries, titled Hot Topics. I liked these entries because they allowed me the opportunity to explore topics most of us may think about and may reserve for close company discussions. The response and endorsement for these topics were great!

So, let’s do it again. I’ve chosen to use this blog to discuss even more provocative, controversial and personal topics. Anyone, who knows me, knows me to be outspoken, possibly too much. Not surprisingly, I love this forum! This blog offers an excellent platform to walk that fine line while combining it with light fun filled entries.

If you’re interested in following strickly my athletic pursuits , my website journals can satisfy this appetite. But, if you’re interested in possible taboo topics, both personal and general well keep tuned into this blog… Buckle up! it’s going to be a different ride!
Your tour guide,

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