Saturday, November 8, 2008

GOOD MORNING! Could you please pee in this cup?

This morning I was awoken by a soft tap on my door, followed by the door bell. And, like some internal signal my mind instantly wondered ‘Drug Testers?’ Clumsily, I ran down the stairs to open the door and I was greeted by 2 people adorning the CCES label on their jacket. Yep, they were here for my pee.

Now, I must say I was relieved that they had FINALLY come to test me. I tend to be tested quite frequently through the year – easily 15 times or so! However, it had been some time since they had made a random visit to test me. My fear was that they would come when I wasn’t home and I would have a missed test! (You are allowed only 3 of them, before receiving a formal ban!)

While I am in full support of Drug Testing, the problem I have is our need to account for our whereabouts 3 months in advance for every hour of the day. I couldn’t tell you what time I am going grocery shopping, when I am making visits to the coffee shop or what days I plan to be going on a date, much less predict an emergency run to Urgent Care to receive stitches. However, if a drug tester comes during this time of our “advanced planned schedule” it is a missed test. And unlike the testing for USA doping control officers are not allowed to call you, if you are not at your indicated location. Could you put a schedule together of your whereabouts for the next 3 months accounting for each hour of the day???

Ironically, I was approached by a television producer to be apart of a talk show to discuss drug in sports this week. While I love to walk the thin line of provocative topics, I turned it down. Frankly, I’m kind of tired of the negative stigma Track & Field seems to receive concerning drug abuse.

My only concern at this point is predicting my 3 months whereabouts, and hoping someone doesn’t show up when I’m in the shower.

Distributor of 150ml of urine,
Nicole Forrester

Ever wondered what the drug testing procedure was like. Click here!


Teresa Juarez - Liberty Screening Services said...

Wow! That is think of all you might miss out on because you were in the shower!

Nicole Wendy Forrester said...

Totally! It was really scary for me that morning, because I had planned to attend a yoga class that morning! I would have missed their stopping by!