Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Power of Video

One of the beauties of Athletics is the travel passport it provides. You get to travel numerous countries and experience various cultures. When else would I have had the opportunity to experience a small, beautiful country like Qatar or something so grand and different to my Western World like China? When I first began competing I committed a cardinal offense – not taking pictures! On one occasion my sister asked me about my pictures from my travels, and was shocked to learn I never took pictures. So, after that I made it a point to start taking pictures…. And I haven’t looked back since. Now, with the advent of YouTube and digital media readily downloaded on one’s computer, I am able to catch daring videos.

My first victim here is my friend Mike Hazel (USA javelin thrower). In the beginning of my outdoor season, I was jet setting across various countries like I was travelling through towns. I was fortunate to travel with my friend Mike who always seemed like the weirdest predicaments were his experience. On one occasion we rented a smart car while in Berlin. However, the directions we received to our desired destination were completely wrong, and Mike’s reaction was hilarious! Click here:

Travelling to training with Mike in Berlin

And for those of you who ever wondered what it was like for us walking into the Bird's Nest during the Opening Ceremony, here's a little peek. Moments before entering, we were ushered into a tunnel and our Canadian Team began to sing our anthem in unison. A completely memorable experience. Due to IOC rules, these videos were not allowed to be shown during the games. Enjoy...

Oh, Canada! in the Tunnel moments before entering the Bird's Nest

On the infield during the Olympic Games.

2008 Olympian,


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