Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well, I’ve been home in Canada for a week now training. My training base location is Ann Arbor, Michigan. Between my coach, the facilities at hand and my short 3km drive to practice it makes for an excellent set-up. To me this is my Olympic Training Centre. However, I am close enough to my Canadian home that I can hop in my car and drive 4 hours and be in Toronto.

Due to some obligations, I’ve had to be home in Canada last week and this week. Juggling scheduled appointments, my training obviously takes president. Leaving the house at 8am, I usually do not return until 9 or 10pm. Driving between Aurora, Toronto and Orillia, I’m probably managing 250km a day on my Toyota RAV4. Although, my schedule is jam packed, I absolutely love being home!

But, as much as I love home, training at home can be challenging. For one, it takes me on a good day 40 minutes to make it to practice and parking comes with a hefty $9 parking fee per day. And my inability to find boxes and/or equipments I need for my workout can sometimes result in alternate workout plan taking effect. Still, this kind of training I believe toughens you up.

So, I thought I’d enlighten you with an inside look at my training here at home.

Waiting to return back to Ann Arbor,

(Below) Sticthes being removed from a Plyometric Accident a few weeks ago.

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