Thursday, January 1, 2009

HOPE and a New Year

There are few people who know my debating thoughts on hope…. or rather, my previous thoughts on hope. In fact it might surprise you.

Being a Catholic, I have always been taught the value of love, hope and faith. So, it may be a surprise that up until a little while a go, I use to view Hope as a lesser strength. It seemed to involve a sense of uncertainty…. Like a wish cast out with a penny in a fountain – no assurance that one’s Hope would come to fruition. At least not like, “Faith” which seemed to err on the side of assurance, conviction, and certainty. Moreover, Hope also appeared to give room for doubt (like in the book Screwtape Letters).

Morgan Freeman encapsulates this dilemma (I’ve had) in the movie Shawshank Redemption when he says “Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.” However, he too would learn the power, strength and beauty in hope. (Truly a great movie to see if you haven’t!)

I guess perhaps, I might have felt that one can be filled with false hope, only to have their heart broken if hope fails to deliver. It seemed a safer bet to place efforts on certainty, or what I could control.

But, what I am realizing is that hope surrounds us always. It plants those images in our minds of what can be. It takes us through the moments when everything else tells you no, but yet still you believe otherwise. It fills us with joy and happiness of what the future can hold in store. And it is certainly a cause of celebration for New Years.

I cannot describe why my view point on Hope evolved or has been transformed. Indeed it is powerful and fills me with joy when I think of where hope has taken me and is taking me. Yes, I am Hopeful and I Hope you are too!

Here’s to Hoping in 2009!

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