Monday, January 26, 2009

You've Got Mail!

One of my biggest pet peeve is people who do not reply to emails or take their time getting back to me… especially if I’ve taken time in sending a thoughtful email. It’s very ANNOYING! Well, recently, it seems more often than not I have been guilty of this crime…. Boy do I hate being wrong.

An influx of emails combined with a busy schedule, and fatigue has allowed my inbox to rise weekly to an unsightly number that makes it discouraging to even attempt to respond to one email. Last week I was up over 1300 in emails I needed to read, reply or delete!!!! I finally, sat down and over a span of 3 days really went to work to go through these emails. However, as I got to the bottom of my emails I found myself feeling horrible.

Yes, I had received some thoughtful emails, that in my opinion deserved an efficient reply and a mutual thoughtful email. I started to think how I would feel if I was in their position, and realized my narrow room for acceptance of tardy replies. To make up for this, I’ve now found myself trying to reply as quickly as the emails are sent. This is a tiresome duty. So, now I am struggling to find a median, in which I can create a process of replying to emails…..

I can’t help but find myself remembering the days of postal mail being the front runner in communication (besides phones). How I long for those days. I can’t help wondering what the state of emails will be in 10 years time.

A subscriber to emails,

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