Sunday, February 14, 2010

Where have you gone NICOLE FORRESTER?

….Here, there and everywhere! Well, it’s been awhile, since I last blogged??? 8 months and 9 days to be exact! And it’s not because of Josh Duhamel!!!! (Like really how many Nicole Forrester’s are out there??? And why did it have to be a stripper named Nicole Forrester messing around with Josh Duhamel, Fergie’s husband?? On behalf of all the other Nicole Forrester’s in the world, I apologize for that heffer’s actions!)

But, being serious, I’m not sure why I stopped blogging. Perhaps, because that very day I last blogged I suffered a serious season ending injury… An injury to my low back, which would later be diagnosed as Sacro/Iliac Dysfunction, where there is no stability in your pelvis and your booty and hamstring muscles, function at a significantly reduced capacity with the added discomfort of pain. It was difficult to sit, lie down or even sleep. I mean I’ve had broken bones, torn ligaments and suffered gouges to my leg, but this injury was a different kind of beast!

It’s fair to say 2009 was not my favorite year. Never have I been so excited for a new year to begin as I was with 2010. And while I would rather not dwell in the past, I can say the death of a dear friend, 2 serious random injuries and a health scare with the discovery of a suspicious lump is enough to make anyone feel exhausted! After failing to recover in a timely fashion from my Sacro/Illiac injury, I finally listened to my body and took time off! Ahhhhhh!!!!
And now… I’m reaping the benefits. Sometimes to be still is the best thing. I’ve managed to get back on track with my Doctoral studies (yes that too took a back seat) and my training is slowly, but surely coming along. I have to admit I’m pretty amped when I’m working on my dissertation. It’s exciting, interesting, fun AND a lot of work. But, something very fulfilling with every little progress I make. I’ve also got an amazingly supportive program at Michigan State University, so that DEFIENTLY helps.

As for my health, I’m just glad I can finally train and compete… But, it seems I’ll have to work my way up the ranking list once again… I don’t mind this challenge… It’s certainly not a new endeavor for me. Perhaps, everything happens for a reason. As a result of my injury, I teamed up with an incredible massage therapist, Tony Scott and a phenomenal strength and conditioning coach, Dave Harris. Tony comes with a mixed bag of tricks… and redefines deep tissue massage. Dave on the other hand seems to enjoy having me do things in the weight room I don’t enjoy. Somehow, I feel like a mere mortal in the weight room, but a superhero with extreme strength & power on the track.…(now if only I can learn how to use my superhero powers for good???) Together they’ve been instrumental in my recovery and outlook for the season.

I’m taking things in stride…. My recent performances of 1.92m, in my last 3 competitions, solidifies I’m moving in the right direction. If I can take anything away from this past year, it would be that GRATITUDE is definitely the way to go. Just 3 weeks ago, I was in my car with my BFF and we were broadsided by someone who was obviously impaired. As my BFF yelled “OHMIGOSH, are you OK! We could have just died!” I said nothing and stared in shock! While the damage to my car was extensive, we escaped with minor injuries. In a blink of an eye, your life can change. I viewed that situation with gratitude. Grateful the only true damage was to my car. Likewise, I view my return to competition and my remaining 3 years of doing this sport with gratitude. Thank you and welcome 2010 SEASON!

3 comments: said...

OMG Nicole- you certainly faced a lot of challenges and disappointments in 09- I believe 2009 was that kind of year for many of us......take it easy going forward...glad to hear you are getting back to good health. Take care!
Debra F J

Ken said...

Nicole - Good luck with your 'comeback' this year and overcoming all of the extra 'bars' that have been placed in your way. Sounds like you're off to a good start with 3 meets at 1.92! And good luck with your thesis writing - a most enjoyable endeavour! By the way, what is your research about?

Keep your head high and 'beat the bar' :-)

Ken Hoffmann (high jumper, PhD Organic.Chem.)

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