Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The (Dating) GAME...

Any single person engaging in flirting, conversation and dating is all too familiar with the term the game.” It involves a series of indiscriminate actions of appearing interested, yet not overly interested in the other person. Participants may wait a long time before calling, fail to return calls/texts immediately, or appear busier than they actually are with a possible sense of disinterest. To me this basically means, "I’m going to pretend that I don’t like you and by so doing gain your interest."

This never works for me!
I guess players of the game subscribes to the thrill of the chase. They may even believe that if they let that other person know how interested they truly are, they may appear desperate or less appealing. Personally, I HATE the game and I don’t play it!

I am incredibly impatient and too much of a straight shooter. Usually, when the game is played on me I interpret it to mean “you’re not really interested in me.” I’m also shamefully naïve, so unless someone spells out their interest to me, I’ll totally overlook them. And while I’ve never played “the game” I can’t deny I do envy those who’ve crafted an art out of it. But, it would appear that anything that begins in game must end in game.

Personally, playing “the game” on me doesn’t work. It does the opposite. Time is one of my most valuable possessions and I’m not about to waste it playing games. There are too many amazing people out there to wrongfully fill up your dating card with a dud… “The game” prolongs your effort of being discriminate and may provide a false sense of attraction. Attraction based on a cat and mouse game, with no true understanding of that person.

If a man has managed to peak my interests, why would I want to engage in “the game” knowing my time of getting to know him better will be delayed??? That’s wasting my time! For all I know, he can be attractive under the guise of the game, but a dud without it!

The texts/calls scenario is an interesting one concerning “the game.” I always respond to my texts/calls (whoever it may be) ASAP… However, in “the game” this can be confused with appearing overly interested. So a true player of “the game” should exercise caution in response time…. WHAT!!!! I’m sorry, that’s not me. If a guy wants to become delusional with interpreting my quick responses as being more than just being polite, that’s his problem. It takes more than a text message to gain my interest.

There are so many random rules in “the game” that it can end up looking like the unofficial rule book for Monopoly…. I think the whole dating scene should be one without rules and one where people are just themselves, honest and direct. Like I said and I’m witnessing there are so many amazing, attractive people out there. WOW! It’s a good time to be single. “The game” eats up your time of exploring this infinite abyss and finding someone who is ultimately RIGHT for you!

And, while, I present my arguments against “the game” I must admit I am no master of dating or Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex in the City.” I’ve had my fair share of dating woes that maybe my “straight shooter” approach isn’t the best option. Perhaps, I shouldn’t knock “the game” until I try it…

Dangerously Single,


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