Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 Competition Season... Just Around The Corner

In less than 2 months I will officially begin my 2011 season… and my road to the 2011 World Championships in Daegu, Korea and London 2012.  This was the first time in 7 years I did not compete indoors, and as such I can’t deny I have a heightened sense of nerves and excitement.  Yesterday, I had a peak at my tentative schedule and I’m loving it… though the nearness of the season has just been amplified. 
In Track & Field we have a saying… “You’re as good as your last competition.”  In my case that would be my Commonwealth Games gold medal performance.  As a result, I do feel a sense of pressure to have a solid performance opener.  Every day in training, I can feel and see my body transform before my very eyes.  And, while I like my fitness progression, execution of the technical elements is really the most important thing.  This is where I am in training currently… and there are some days I’ve been seriously ecstatic (when I’m executing things phenomenally) and some frustrating days (when it’s just not clicking).  In a week I can feel I’ve been riding a rollercoaster of emotions.  As I progress through this phase of training, the hope is that I have mainly days of feeling ecstatic with my technical execution.  This is called the pursuit of consistency… consistent in executing technical elements well.
 I do love Track & Field… It’s a sport constantly that builds you up, but also reminds you to be humble…. If your ego is too big you will inevitably be swallowed up.  If you snooze you will lose, there are way too many people ready to take your place.  Indeed you can be replaced.  You can go from being ranked number 1 to 10 in a blink and from obscurity to number 1, equally as fast.   Staying healthy, confident and mastery focused are your best allies… And literally anything is possible! 
2 months and counting,

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