Wednesday, March 16, 2011


At first it was funny.  I have to admit I had some chuckles in the beginning along with some “shaking of my head” in disbelief.  But, at this point all I have is pity.  Charlie Sheen has been making headlines ever since his initial phone call into the Dan Patrick Sports Talk Show, which has now catapulted into a whirl wind of ABC interviews, custody battles and the “winning” and “bi-winning” comments.

Clearly, something is going on with Charlie Sheen.  We’ve got supposed experts and former celebrity addicts all weighing in to give their 2 cents and diagnosing him as bipolar.  But, the truth is unless you are a licensed therapists working privately with the man, you don’t know what’s going on. 
But, my real problem is society’s love and interest in watching a sinking ship or a train wreck.  People love watching others fail possibly more than they love seeing an underdog triumphant.  Something is wrong with that picture. Now, if Charlie Sheen’s antics are much like Joaquin Phoenix’s fake hoax than that’s a different story.  But, somehow I doubt it.

Charlie Sheen is appearing at the Fox Theatre in Detroit to apparently speak on who knows what, and tickets were sold out in just 15 minutes.  REALLY??? Is he Mahatma Gandhi???? REALLY???
People want to see him because he is a reality train wreck show.  That’s sad.  This kind of public support cannot help his welfare, if indeed he has some psychological or drug abuse issues… It can only fan the flames of a bigger decline.
Come on people we can do better.  There are a lot more pressing issues going on in the world… I don’t know… like the crisis hitting Japan for example.

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