Monday, April 11, 2011

Beauty versus Beast a.k.a Brains (ACHTUNG SERIES!)

A follow up to last week's Blog: It's Raining Men/Women: The Art of Being Attractive

Last week I was watching Good Morning America, and I was disturbed to see a woman, named Cindy Jackson, holding the World Record for the most plastic surgeries.  She is 55 and has had 52 surgeries.  She claims she is messing with Mother Nature because Mother Nature has messed with her. 
 Is beauty all that really matters?  I wonder if people had the chance to choose between beauty or being a Noble Peace Prize winner, how many people would choose beauty.  Likewise, how many people would choose beauty in a mate over brains?

It’s a tough question, because you can’t see someone’s intelligence or personality across a room.  But, you can see beauty.  And often, people gravitate to beauty.  Whether secretly observing and believing such a person would be out of their league, or pursuing such an individual as if they were a trophy to win.

Personally, I’d choose brains and a fun personality any day of the week over Mr. Calvin Klein model. (However, Mr. Fun & Intelligent must also value the importance of a healthy lifestyle!)  It is who a person is, which is truly important.  Not what a person is, does, looks like or has achieved. 
But, why does society laud and promote beauty and pay less attention to the people positively shaping our world???  This could be one of the greatest tragedies in life. 

And sadly, sometimes the people who are truly beautiful inside can lose sight of their beauty; feeling insecure by society’s established grade of beauty.  True beauty is that which radiates from the inside out.  This is life lasting and can literally transform one’s appearance.  However, external beauty isn’t…

You know growing up I never liked how I looked… I looked in magazines and never saw anyone that looked like me…  But, perhaps this was a blessing, because my role model became Mother Theresa.  I learned to value the power of the mind.  Perhaps I couldn’t control what I looked like, but I could control how I thought and what I did.  Now, I love who I am and I also love how I look... And I could careless about the opinions of others…  Life is WAY too short for that.

I value myself not on the basis of my appearance but completely because of the content of my character.  If you ask me, Beauty doesn’t hold a candle to Brains.

Get it together society,

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