Friday, April 29, 2011

May 2nd 2011 VOTE!!!! ... If You Don't You Lose Your Right To Complain (ACHTUNG SERIES!)

ACHTUNG THIS!  Yes, I've dared to talk about politics...

This coming Monday, May 2, 2011 is Election Day in Canada.  Anyone who knows me, knows (for better or worse) I’m pretty passionate about politics.  While I may have my preference for which party I’d like to see elected, I think it is important that ALL Canadians with the ability to vote DO so!  In the last election (2008) we had the lowest turnout ever.  Only 58.8% of Canadians voted!!!
If you are unsure of what each Party’s platform is you can go to Elections Canada.   Also, when voting do not forget to consider what issues the candidates in your riding are concerned with.  This could impact your decision even more. 
It’s no secret I’m NOT a fan of us having an election again!  But, I still will be voting on Monday. (For my non-Canadian readers, our election schedule isn’t a formatted 4 year plan, it can occur before that point with a vote of non-confidence or can be has long as 5 years). 
The sad thing is whatever government that is elected on Monday will likely be a minority government and we could end up with another election in a year’s time!  COME ON!  There are better ways to spend our tax dollars than an election.  To me it seems like a case of power struggles and ego.  Sit in at a question period in Parliament to get a taste of what I’m talking about.  I’ve sat in numerous times, and it is both comical and disturbing at times.
  Politics along with religion and money are often considered taboo topics.  Considering it’s been an ACHTUNG Week of blogs, I clearly have no problem discussing politics today.  Interestingly, people may publicly acknowledge their position on religion or money (i.e. I am a Christian/Muslim/Buddhist/Atheist or whatever one’s faith is); however, when it comes to politics people are more likely to be cloaked… They secretly support their party but are not eager to share their position to others.
Perhaps, it’s because of the way we vote (secret ballets) that promote this need to be secretive in one’s party support.  I’m not secretive. I might not shout it from a roof top, but if someone asks me who I am in support of I will answer The Conservative Party of Canada… Yes, I’m a Tory!
Ironically, I actually do find the other parties platform's curious… They are very alluring and attractive (versus the tell it as is Conservative platform) but wonder WHO and HOW things will be paid for that are offered… Well, actually I know how – More taxes…. Yep, defiantly not interested… I just wish party’s told the WHOLE truth when they are running for election.  Not just the attractive side of things.  Politics seems like the only job you can be hired for, fail to do what you promise AND still keep your job.  
No matter your position at the end of the day please turn up and VOTE on Monday.  The last US election had historically the most voters, let’s try and do the same Canada!
PS:  Dear Non-Elected Parties.  Please try to work with the government elected on Monday, so we can avoid another premature election, and put our tax dollars to better use…. PLEASE!!!
Voting on Monday,

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