Friday, July 1, 2011

OH, CANADA! Eh! - Happy Canada Day

There are many reasons to be proud of being Canadian.  We have a historical lineage of inventors and creators that have shaped the lives of everyone world-wide.  Yes, it was a Canadian, Alexander Graham Bell, which created the telephone and another Canadian, Alfred J. Gross that invented the Walkie-Talkie.  Through the work of Banting and Best, insulin was discovered as a means of treating Diabetes.  And, while, everyone knows ice hockey was a Canadian born sport, it was also a Canadian James Naismith that invented the game of Basketball.  Likewise, we are known for our great beer, ice wines and poutine.  And the list goes on!
We are a friendly accepting nation, and boast a very diverse population.  In fact, it is through immigrants that our population grows the most.  We have been a leader in being progressive and standing up for what is right.  Just look at gay marriages. Canada was among the first countries to make gay marriages legal. Indeed, we are a young country.  Just 144 years old, and yet we’ve done so much in such a short time. 
Each time I put on the Canadian uniform I do so with great joy.  And to stand on a podium and hear the Canadian anthem played… well, is there anything more sweeter to the ears?  Oh, how I do love Canada.  I’ve been to many places in the world and you are second to none.  Oh, CANADA!  Happy Canada Day! 
Loving Canada,