Wednesday, September 14, 2011

5 Ways to Fail with the Object of Your Affection

You were going along fine and then you stubbed your toe… This is analogous with having a girl interested in you hook, line and sinker... until you mess up with a deadly sin. Any of these mishaps can have you cast back into the flames of Bacheloritis, where your sins will also be discussed amongst friends and condemned.  Alas, I’m here to help you and save you from yourself, if you read carefully.

1.  Asking Her on a Date and Making Her Pay
I and most of my friends are liberated, independent women.  As such, when on a date I will always offer to pay.  I am of the belief a girl should always offer to pay and a guy should decline the offer.  And not just with the initial dates, but throughout the whole courting process.  It may be old fashioned but I think it may be tied into (dare I say) Darwinism and feeling provided and taken care of.  If a man takes my offer to pay for dinner, it will probably be our last date dinner for he has now been cast eternally into the friend box – where sharing the cost of dinner is acceptable.  If you are still feeling each other out and it’s not officially a date, certainly going halves on dinner is a granted exception and make sense.  But, if it’s a date….. that’s a different story

2. Not Calling When You Say You Will
This is liable to have you “Poofed! Be Gone!” and anye girl that waits around for your phone cal,l you should probably “Poof!  Be Gone!” her. This is a matter of integrity and keeping your word, as well as showing your interest.  People want someone who is excited about them, and if you are lazy with keeping you’re word you’re demonstrating you are just not that into that girl.

3. Being Selfish/Self-Absorbed
Any smart girl will stay away from this guy.  Relationships are a balancing act.  It should not be one sided.  If it is all about one person, it will inevitably end in failure.  

4. Too Many Female Friends
This can be a killer and a source of insecurity.  Some girls cannot be bothered with a guy who has too many female friends, so you might be missing out on the beginning side of dating. And if not, with time the many female friends can become a source of stress and insecurity, as your girl begins to feel in competition.  It all goes back to the age old question, whether men and women can truly be friends. 

5. Jekylle and Hyde
It’s always best to be yourself.  Too often people want someone to like them and will act a certain way with them and another way with their friends.  You cannot keep up this charade forever.  Someone who changes who they are is like a camilian.  You can never be sure if they are their real-selves with you. 

At the end of the day, it’s always best to be considerate, open and yourself.  Dating doesn’t have to be that hard.

Your relationship non-expert,