Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beating Cancer: Kyle's Story

Although, I usually take Wednesday’s to post my non-expert relationship corner advice, I’d much rather share a story of courage today.

Kyle Miller is a World Champion Lacrosse goalie for Canada and possibly one of the nicest persons you'll ever meet.  I met Kyle in 2009 when he signed up to do the CN Tower Stairclimb with me.  He had been one of the athletes to raise the most money, rallying support from his family and friends who knew that climbing those stairs signified a lot given what he had overcome.  In 2003 he was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma, the same cancer Terry Fox had, and beat it!  This year when I asked Kyle if he would brave the 1,776 steps again, he was one of the first athletes to say yes.  However, shortly thereafter he informed me he would not be able to participate due to some health issues.  Little did I know the extent of the battle that lay ahead for Kyle.

After 8 years and 34 days the Osteogenic Sarcoma has returned in his lung.  I think any of us with such news would be deflated, but not Kyle.  He has approached his Round 2 battle with cancer with tenacity and an indomitable spirit.  He has undergone numerous chemotherapy treatments and is now turning to advanced measures, since the tumor hasn’t seemed to change in size yet.

I’ve been following along reading his blog, feeling inspired by the courage and optimism Kyle and Vanessa (Kyle’s girlfriend) are demonstrating.  Every step of this journey they have openly shared with detail.  They are showing what fighting cancer looks like – step by step –  from undergoing chemotherapy, to his search for a hat (with the loss of his hair) his prognosis and other treatment considerations, as well as his diagnosis of Stage 4 Osteogenic Spindle Cell Sarcoma.  It is REAL and honest!   It’s no surprise, that Kyle is also a motivational speaker.  After Kyle defeats this Osteogenic Sarcoma I will eagerly await his Bestseller book of inspiration.

For the meantime I’d really encourage you to check our Kyle and Vanessa’s blog.  It will change your life… And also please keep Kyle in your prayers.

Supporting from the Sidelines,


sharon said...

Thanks for keeping Kyle in your thoughts and prayers, Nicole! It's so appreciated. Sharon (Kyle's Mum) xx

Kelly Miller said...

Thank you Nicole Im glad you've met our wonderful Kyle! He was a shining star before his cancer Once he Kicks cancers butt for the 2nd time We'll all need to wear sunglasses to look at him lol "BEAT IT!" Aunt Kelly

Nicole Wendy Forrester said...

There are many of us who have Kyle in our thoughts and prayers. He is loved and that just speaks to the impact he has on all of us. I know he can BEAT IT!... I can only imagine the goodness that will come from this challenging period. Kyle is simply amazing and his courage and optimism is just a testament for all of us to learn from!