Thursday, June 12, 2008

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

It has been absolutely incredible. I can’t tell you the amount of verbal support I’ve received over the last few weeks. So far I have been fortunate to have major giants like my coach and sponsors support my endeavors. I’m always aware of their presence and role in my development. I am both humbled and grateful for them.

However, lately I’ve been experiencing a different type of support. A stranger or friend will make random, simple supportive statements to me. For example “I’m rooting for you” or “I believe in you.” This feels so special and rare. Possibly priceless is the best word for it.

I know that they are not just saying it, and I really feel their words. It brings me such a sense of joy and gratitude. I am filled with a smile that beams from ear to ear.

These statements show me how my actions influence my community. Although, they might not be a national team athlete, they are an honorary member through their support for me and others. Likewise, I am a representative of my community, my town, my province, and my country in my endeavors.

It’s funny, at times I’m overcome with excitement for what will unfold in the months ahead; and then at times I might experience a fleeting moment of nerves. It’s a mixture of tension and pleasure. But, ultimately the pride of representing my country and being a Canadian ambassador wins out.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, but in my heart of hearts I truly believe a stage of miraculous performance and opportunity is placed before me. All I have to do is be.

Smiling broadly,Nicole

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