Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A day of nothing!

~Resting between my meet in Stockholm and my next competition in London~

Today I spent a day dedicated to doing nothing… And it felt great. Must needed I must admit... especially after 2 days of competition in a span of 3 days. I arose from my deep 10 hours of sleep and embarked on a day of simply existing. It went something like this:

9:56 am: Awoke
9:57 am: Brushed teeth and washed face
10:03 am: Breakfast with some good chatting with a friend
10:49 am: Return to room to surf the web, rest the eyes, lay causally around and pretty much do nothing
12:45 pm: Some grumbling in my stomach..letting me know “I’m hungry”
12:46 pm: Ignore the stomach chatter
1:20pm: Stomach getting louder and angrier
1:21pm: make my way downstairs to go find something to quiet my stomach
2:00pm: Eat!
2:12pm: Chatter with my Canadian and Michigan buddy Kevin Sullivan
4:00pm: Return to my room to do …. Nothing
7:10pm: Get ready to go to a Chiropractor
7:30pm: See a chiropractor
8:10pm: Return to hotel and have dinner while enjoying a good magazine
9:00pm: Make a pit stop to McDonald’s for a Caramel Sunday…mmm delicious
9:10pm: Return to hotel and read some more of my magazine in the lobby
10:00pm: Return to room to do nothing..again.. and enjoy a good glass of Cabernet Sauvignon wine from Chile

My next mission is to take a shower and enjoy a nice rest….

This has been such a good day and juxtaposition from my normal day, which usually begins at 7am and involves a sandwiched day of training, recovery, and reading, studying and venturing from one appointment to the next. Last year, I was pulling in 90 hours a week of work, with my studies and training combined. This year I’ve moderated it down to a more manageable 60 hours. And you thought all I did was jump over a stick… Dream on…

Revived and refreshed,

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