Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Are you excited to go to the Olympic Games?

Well, it’s officially been 2 weeks since I have been named to the Canadian Olympic team. During this time I received numerous telephone calls and emails all asking me about my outlook on the Olympic Games. Specifically, most interviewers are interested in knowing if I am excited? To say I was excited, would be to make it seem like I was going to watch some great entertainer or go to some amusement park. Sort of like when you’re a kid and you are counting down the days until Christmas or going to Disney World. Probably if I was an onlooker, I would be extrememly excited! I would be counting down the days in anticipation!

But, as an athlete it's not excitement I feel but rather a desire to be prepared. To know I'm in the best possible shape I could be, and that I couldn't have prepared any better. You could liken this preparation phase to that of taking a final exam. I'm not sure excitement encapsulates this experience, especially when you are an athlete competiting at the end of the Games. I am relieved and gratful to be have been named to the Canadian Olympic team -- making it on the merit of my hard work, dedication and perseverance. However, my qualification is merely a check point I had to pass to enter the next round.

Patiently preparing,


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