Thursday, October 30, 2008

Humbling Beginnings

There is something to be said about returning to training after taking some time off from a competitive season -- never mind following on the heels of the Olympic Games. For me personally, I’ve had to mentally unwind and re-evaluate my goals for the following years. This isn’t some rogue routine, but it is something that requires meticulous, methodical thinking and planning. Once, this has been figured out it’s easier to start the wheels in motion.

However, for me pre-season training never is fun. It’s probably the only thing I dislike about high jumping. Let me explain. A year of training cycles through various periodization and training focuses. The high point of my season is generally near the end, with a major championship brought into central focus. I’m involved in a speed and power sport, where by this time I am well tuned with specific training. The pre-season, generally focuses on general conditioning. Volumes are high and recovery time is less. The body is in constant agony. I am dependant on massage and therapy to keep my body from exploding. The workouts are long and arduous and a few times you might be brought to your knees from exhaustion, possibly seeing God’s appearance on the track. (In your mind you might see a beam of light telling you, you have lived – at least for that day’s workout.)

Every year, preseason seems worse. Not because of the pain, but rather knowing from past experience that ‘yes, this workout is going to hurt.’ It’s like Pavlov’s Dog syndrome, where instead of salivating at the ringing of a bell, I’m feeling the pain in advance from seeing a printed workout. My only salvation is knowing that the hard work now will carry me through the ever long season ahead. It’s a humbling experience all around and certainly worth it!

Bring it on!


eric_der_aal said...

<< ...that requires meticulous, methodical thinking and planning...>>

i was told girlies cant´t do that :D

with a big smile from germany

Nicole Wendy Forrester said...

Thanks Timo!
We girlies can do anything and everything! :D In fact we specialize in being meticulous! lol...

Thanks for the comment and wishing you all the best!