Monday, October 27, 2008

The Power of Facebook

I can remember just last year, stating Facebook would never see my face on it. As of February 2008, I became a proud member. Much like the blackberry a.k.a crackberry, I find myself going in waves where I am on site all the time, and then sometimes not at all. It’s an awesome networking/connecting tool, as well as, a black hole for wasting time. I mean I have caught up with so many old friends, that it has made my membership worthwhile. However, lately, I’ve fallen into the black hole of wasting time.

I’m always changing my picture, statements, profile, while also, commenting on the pages of my friends. Last night, unassumingly changed my relationship status, to one where it wasn’t listed. No real reason, just felt like it. (I think I thought it would make my profile look cleaner and uncluttered… most likely I was just wasting some more time.)

However, the note that showed up on my friends’ pages was a heart and the statement “Nicole is no longer listed as single.” Later, I would discover some of my friends thought that implied I was now in a relationship. The congratulations messages and inquiring phone calls poured in. And it made me consider if my friends were wondering when I was planning to settle down.

It’s quite funny how much power Facebook can provide. Any action done is just bulletined to your friends. Only the neon lights are missing. Ironically, I like my single life, possibly to a flaw. I’ve been receiving a lot of flack from my friends about it lately so perhaps that had something with me wanting to remove my status. Who knows? Besides, it isn’t like guys are the easiest creatures to make time for. Many enjoy the chase or the ego boosting to their self-esteem, a girls’ attention can provide. The only game I play is monopoly, so that leaves me out of the game of chase.

However, exactly 1 week ago, my BFF lashed out at me stating “Nicole, when have you ever made time to date anyone. You’re always too busy, and not interested! You don’t give anyone a chance…” I’ve been hearing a lot of this lately from various friends. However, from my BFF I was surprised. Usually, I’m the one rambling on, but this time he had a lot on his chest to say and say he did! I was sitting looking at my phone bewildered as he spilled his opinions. Eventually he concluded with the statement “Do you appreciate when I’m so honest? Would I be a good friend if I wasn’t?” I think I was still too flabbergasted to respond.

I know he’s somewhat right, so I am taking his dare/instructions on... this is an unchartered territory. Although, perhaps I should be enrolling in a 12-Step Singles Anonymous class… if one exists… lol…

Going back to facebook, I can’t help chuckling over my April Fool’s prank, this year. Similarly, I had changed my status, as being engaged to one of my friends. The congratulation messages poured in unsightly! (I enjoyed more than a chuckle from that prank.) If anything, I would assume a change in my status would make me become “the girl who cried wolf,” receiving NO ATTENTION. Yet, my friends, true in their definition of being a friend, were quick to support a possible new found interest. Gotta love your friends!

Facebook junky since February 2008,

P.S: I do try and keep my facebook circle of friends manageable, to those I know, so I don’t accept friends I don’t know. It’s probably not a good idea to add me if I don’t know you. However, I will join some fan pages and groups I receive invitations for.

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