Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The 4 year life of Amateur Sports

I understand that Athletics (Track & Field’s official name) receives much attention every 4 years, but there is a life that extends beyond the 4 year cycle of the Olympic Games. It’s called the circuit. There is a circuit of competitions that occur each year. I liken it to Tennis with their Grand Slams. The “circuit” consists of Golden League Meetings, Super Grand Prix, Grand Prix and World Athletic Tour Meetings in addition to other area permit competitions. The end of each season is concluded with the World Athletic Finals, where the top 8 athletes in each event compete. In addition to the World Athletic Finals, the Olympic Games are also sandwiched by the Commonwealth Games, World Championships, Francophone Games, World Cup and Pan-American Games. All of which are strong competitions in their own merit.

Another, interesting fact -- behind soccer (a.k.a football) track and field is the next most popular and participated sport in the world. It is the only sport in the world which every other sport uses in some fashion in their training. Often in some athlete’s off-season, they will choose to train with us to improve their fitness. I remember on one occasion an NFL player was training with me and my friends, and was struggling. At the end of the session, he exclaimed in disbelief of our ability to enjoy this form of training daily. It made us chuckle. I’m sure if we tried taking the hits he took on the field, we’d be struggling to understand that enjoyment.

Alas, at the end of the day I can’t deny my boasting of Athletics embodiment of the Olympic Spirit – 'Citius, Altius, Fortius' (swifter, faster, and higher). It is a sport that all body types can participate. You don’t need to necessarily be tall, short, fat or thin. There is an event for anyone to try. You are the captain of your own fate.. It’s just you and the clock, or measuring stick. And if you can’t be the fastest in the world, you can certainly use the training to become faster to chase a soccer ball down the field. Yes, I am proud to be an athlete in Athletics (track and field)! Not to take anything from any other sport, of course.

Loving my Sport,
Nicole W. Forrester

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You are the captain of your own fate.....I LOVE THIS COMMENT.