Monday, November 17, 2008

Birthday Celebration -- November 17

It’s my birthday… My day… Well, officially, as of 12:00am November 17. I actually, invoked a 2-day celebration of my birthday, beginning today.

I totally enjoy the commencement of another year of being older. I’ve seen others grimace with their age or feel “old” while they compare themselves to the ages of others. However, I view getting older as another step towards the perfection of wisdom. It is especially important for me to take this time out of the year to reflect on how far I’ve come and where I’m trying to go. As I spoke with my dear friend recently inducted into the Hall of Fame, I mentioned we don’t often pay homage to the successes we’ve attained. I don’t like vanity and sometimes it seems a thin line to an inflated ego.

Humility is probably the quintessential characteristic I hold with the highest regard. However, it’s important to remember that humility isn’t about feeling inferior, but having an accurate assessment of yourself, while not feeling you are a bettered person because of it.

In my so far short 32 years of life, I’m humbled by my experiences. I’ve had phenomenal mentors step into my life to guide my path. I’ve travelled to countries I never knew existed. I’ve sat and chatted with presidents, prime ministers, princes and celebrities, exchanging a reciprocal appreciation of achievements. I’ve also sat amongst homeless people and while not being able to understand their predicaments, taken the time to talk with them as my equal.
I’ve been able to proudly adorn my county’s colours and the maple leaf on my chest, representing my country on the grandest of stage. I am grateful, and appreciative of all that I’ve experienced. Only through grace, could I be so blessed. It is because of this I am committed to the betterment of others… ahhh… the circle of life.

And although, like anyone I’ve had my share of heart aches and disappointments along the way, I know they can only serve to make me a better Nicole Wendy Forrester. I remember a time when I was such a “need to please others,” instead of filling myself up with my own approval, such that I wouldn’t need to look else where. In deed, I am becoming more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve manage to surround myself with phenomenal friends and I stay true to my values such as loyalty, honesty and consideration, hoping that they will take me to far places.

If this is me at 32, I look forward to me at 64 or 96 years of age. So, on my birthday, I thank you for caring to read this simple blog. And if nothing else, I hope it will make you take a moment to celebrate your own wonderfulness you possess!

Birthday girl,

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