Monday, December 15, 2008

Blinded by your Beauty

Yesterday while cleaning house, I watched the movie Shallow Hal. For those of you who are not familiar with this movie, it’s about a guy (Hal) who only dates women who are as close to perfection in appearance as possible, with little regard to the type of person they are. Upon a chance meeting with Tony Robbins (motivator speaker), he changes his view on the world, seeing the beauty of an individual from the inside only.

Besides the fact that this movie is hilarious, there are so many reasons I love this movie. For the first time, I noticed a line in the movie, where Hal’s neighbour comments on her disinterest in him (initially), because she believed he was superficial.

I couldn’t help but think, how much I agreed with this view point. For me, there is something so unattractive about a man who would only date or attempts to date women who are beautiful on the outside and not necessarily on the inside. My values would not be aligned with this individual!

Ironically, if there is a certain guy I am interested in and his ex was sensational – you know Mother Teresa, the Good Samaritan, and David R. Hawkins all rolled up into one, I’d first question how could he let her go, (2) applaud him for the ability to attract such a beauty and (3) feel honoured that he would choose to date me.

I really believe beauty is skin deep. And the beauty that is true is one that you can’t always see across a crowded room, but you can see by looking into one’s heart!

Blinded by your Beauty,
Nicole W. Forrester

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