Saturday, December 20, 2008

Drive with your Head not just with your Feet

I remember when I first got my license, my dad firmly advised me to always “Drive with my head and not just with my feet.” Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I can be a speed-demon when the road conditions are good, but I’ve never forgotten this instruction. Especially, when the road conditions are not ideal!

Just Thursday I drove home to Canada, narrowly escaping the winter storm that pounded Michigan and Toronto! It literally began to snow at 8am on Friday and did not stop until 11pm that night! Possibly, more snow then the North Pole, itself! And now, we are currently preparing for another snow assail.

I really don’t mind the snow. I don’t mind driving in these conditions. What I do mind are the “idiots” who do not drive with their head. What happened to the importance of arriving alive! Yesterday, while out and about, I witnessed people driving with reckless abandon – following too closely behind, cutting drivers off, and speeding (just to name a few things)!

The sad thing is, people choosing to drive appropriately become victims in collisions involving irresponsible drivers. Currently, there are talks of invoking a charge/ticket to anyone who drives inappropriate for the conditions. I would definitely be in favor of such and act. Collisions can cost more than just a car repair, it can cost a life. Especially, during this holiday season please, please, please drive responsibly… Drive with your head… And arrive alive!

Continuing to drive with my head,

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