Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bachelor & Bachelor Auction Results for the CANADIAN CENTRE FOR ABUSE AWARESS

A month ago today, I and 20 other fabulous bachelors and bachelorettes participated in the Eligible Inc.’s inaugural Bachelor and Bachelorette auction for the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness (CCAA).  I’m happy and excited to report that this amazing event actually raised $36,000 in total for the CCAA.  Incredible!!!  Thanks to the support of my sponsors Visa and Oakley, (who added gifts to my date package) I was auctioned off at $2,100. Thank you Eligible Inc., Michelle Planche, Gary Wilson, Lisa Colafranceschi and Drew Taylor for including me in this event.  It was an honour and my pleasure! 
“Be the change you want to see in the world!” ~ Gandhi

About the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness
The Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness is a national charitable organization that has served Canadians since 1993.  The Centre's mandate is to significantly reduce the incidence and impact of abuse through education and public awareness.  CCAA operates solely on private donations with no sustaining funds from any government body.  To learn more, please visit

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Anonymous said... are one classy & inspirational woman. Thank YOU for your time and energy! Lisa

Nicole Wendy Forrester said...

Wow! Thank you Lisa. That's very kind of you. The feeling is mutual. You are certainly a generous, kind and beautiful woman. Wishing you continued success!