Friday, March 4, 2011

Standing On The Shoulders' of Giants

It sometimes amazes me how in tune I am with my body…. And when I say in tune, I’m speaking to knowing whether my pelvic is anteriorly rotated, or my lumbar 3 or 4 (spine) is out of alignment, or if my piriformis or medius glutes are not “firing” resulting in a reduction of force production, for example.  Basically, I can usually tell when my body is not optimally functioning and I can guess the root of the problem.  And I’m not alone… Most world-class Track & Field athletes are highly in tune with their body.
I think it may be a byproduct of our sport where 1cm or 0.001s can make all the difference in a winning performance.  Additionally, track and field is a sport of repetitive maximal effort.  Each time I jump I am generating a force 4 to 10 times my body weight.  Often, Track & Field athletes can get a bad reputation for being “high maintenance.”  To be among the best in the world, weekly massages and chiropractic treatments are a part of one’s recovery program.  Stay too long without treatment and you may be walking in the shadows of a major injury.
One of my favourite quotes is “If I’ve achieved greatness it’s because I am standing on the shoulders of giants.”  It’s because of the efforts of many (i.e. coaches, strength trainers, sport psychologists, nutritonists, masseuses, chiropractors, doctors and physiotherapists) that make it possible for us athletes to achieve excellence.  I can remember blogging about this during the Beijing Olympic Games (Angels in the Dugout).  I had torn the ligaments in my ankle just 3 days before I was to compete, and the medical staff rallied to mend me (as best they could).  Therapists are often behind the scenes, but are truly the shoulders’ of giants, we athletes may stand on… And I’m grateful for my team of giants in my life.
Standing on the shoulders of giants,

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