Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Relationships & The Stench of Desperation - ACHTUNG BABY Series!!!

*Another Achtung Baby Topic.  (The term Achtung is german for Warning and Attention, denoting the possiblility of a controversial blog, not intended but with the possibility of offending readers.)

I have an embarrassing secret, which only my closest friends know… I, Nicole Forrester, like to watch the television show… The Bachelor… Wow!!!  There it is, for all of cyber world to see.
Here’s the thing, to me, the show preys upon the simple supply and demand equation.  One man and twenty-five women.  I think even the most unattractive man could suddenly appear desirable in an environment like that.  People want what they can’t have and what other people want.  And the less there is to go around the more that object (or person in this case) is desired.  There are other elements to the show, which makes the cynic in me come out.  For example, extravagant dates, limited interactions and only positive characteristics highlighted… No real challenge or real life element… And from this you are supposed to find the person you will spend the rest of your life with… I don’t think so… And yet, every Monday I am tuned in to watch the Bachelor…
At the end of the day, everybody wants to receive and give love.  However, people love the chase.  Many people will turn their back on someone available and interested in them.  Anything that is too easy to acquire loses its shine.  Competition validates the attraction of an individual.  And availability seems to parallel desperation.  Honestly, ever noticed when you aren’t looking for love you can have a roster of prospects… This is always a fun position to be in… But, if you are ready to be in a relationship the well dries up.  It’s like a ghost town!

My advice - always bear in mind what it is you are looking for.  If love comes a knocking and you are not looking for a relationship don’t turn your back on it.  Life is funny like that… you just never know… And if you are dying to be in a relationship take note of your possible scent of desperation.  Find a passion (outside of a relationship) and busy yourself with it.  That should remove the stench and make you suddenly more attractive… Additionally, if you are in the latter position definitely do not watch the Bachelor!  It cannot help you when you are in this state.  But, what do I know???  I’m just a student and an athlete, truly enjoying being single and trying to rule the world… one day at a time…

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