Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jumping not only on the Track, but for Jump Rope For Heart with St. Dunstan

This past year St. Dunstan Catholic School in Scarborough, Ontario CANADA has been my assigned school in the Adopt-An-Athlete program with the Canadian Olympic Committee. 
It has been an incredible experience.  I’ve had the opportunity to form special relationships with the students and teachers.  While they may boast that they are my fans, I am truly their fans!  Their energy, spirit and drive are very admirable. 
Recently, we came up with the idea to raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation via Jump Rope for Heart.  Jump Rope For Heart is a fundraising activity which teaches children the importance of physical activity, healthy eating and giving to others.  Heart disease and stroke are among the leading causes of death within Canada.  “The Heart and Stroke Foundation is a volunteer-based health charity, committed to eliminating heart disease and stroke, and reducing their impact through (1) the advancement of research and its application; (2) the promotion of healthy living; and (3) advocacy.”
As a child, Jump Rope for Heart was always my favourite fundraising activity in school.  It’s no wonder I’ve become a high jumper.  And while we were supporting a great cause, there is something about jumping.  You just can’t help smiling while jumping…. Yes, it sure feels good!

Having the opportunity to participate in it once again with the students of St. Dunstan was an incredible feeling.  I literally spent the whole day at St. Dunstan and the time went by fast.  By the time the bell rang at 3:30pm I couldn’t believe it was over. 
As promised to St. Dunstan, here is the video of the fabulous effort demonstrated with Jump Rope for Heart, and a special clip of the Ms. Watkin’s Grade 8 class!  Well done!
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