Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dare To Enter Our Mind: 10 Things Men Do Not Know About Women

Men often complain that women are hard to understand.  And maybe that’s right.  The blame may lie with our failure to be direct when it comes to men.  Women like to be ginger on topics, as to not hurt a man’s feelings and prefer to give hints, assuming men will clue in.  I can’t deny I’ve been guilty of this from time to time.  The problem is it perpetuates things and keeps men in the dark as oppose to shinning some light on things.  So, here are some tips to help any man in question.
DO NOT have more hair products than us.  This is a killer!  We don’t want to have to share our hair products and time in the bathroom.  A man with a lot of hair products is a definite sign of concern… Try to go with Pert Plus (shampoo and conditioner in 1).  If you need more hair products than that …consider a hair cut.  (Please note in some cases we’ll allow a guy to have a few hair products, just not the whole medicine cabinet.)
DO have a little bit of callus on the hands.  This is a good thing.  We enjoy “manly hands,” so that also means your nails better not be longer than ours.  That could blow any of your chances you have with a girl.  Clip those nails and don’t pumice the callus away.
DO NOT just work out your chest and arms when exercising.  Really, PLEASE DON’T.  It creates an upside-down triangle shape – big on top and skinny at the bottom.  You need some balance to your physique so don’t forget about your legs.  Yes, working the legs is harder and takes longer to get that “Where’s the beach look,” but trust me, a man with nice legs scores high….
DO have good posture.  This can drastically improve your look.  A good posture on men involves shoulders back and chest high.  A man with such a posture exudes confidence, strength and gets YOU NOTICED! And it also makes you look taller.  You can throw away your shoe lifts and just walk tall with a good posture.  
DO NOT try to appear important/Mr. Bigtime – especially more than you actually are - screams out insecurity and is laughable. This is NOT attractive.  AVOID THIS AT ALL COST!  Or you could find yourself the butt of a joke instead of the man we wish to be with… Please note this is a close cousin of being a snob.  Yep, we don’t like snobs either. (Caveat - You may attract some girls but it will be the wrong ones… certainly not the kind of girl that likes you for WHO you are as a person.)

DO practice chivalry.  It is not dead!  We notice whether you open the door for us, walk closer to the traffic and pull out a chair for us when we sit.  This is also something which nicely separates you from the pack.  Do this and you will be the envy of all her girlfriends. Yep, you can bet she’ll be bragging about your gentleman qualities.
DO NOT attempt to workout without wearing a jock strap and avoid wearing gray sweats.  I’m not going to say much about this one… Just trust me. 
DO offer to cook for us!  This puts you on another stratosphere… and I don’t mean hot dogs or a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.  A man that can cook well is usually one we want to hang onto.  Your ability to cook separates you from the pack.  Even someone like Rumpelstiltskin can instantly appear hot/attractive by his mere ability to cook.  If you can’t cook, you better start watching some Martha Stewart shows.
DO NOT assume anything.  Leave the assuming to us.  Like we assume you can read our minds.   When in doubt ask!
DO feel free to cry in our company… at the appropriate moment (like in the movie The Notebook).  Tears are endearing and show you are sensitive.  If you have problems crying, fake it until you make it… Pack some Visine and strategically place it in your eyes to appear as if you are crying.
Providing some non-expert Wednesday advice,


Rich's blog said...

you are ridiculous... Emily Cameron agrees with you and i do mostly but you are still so funny.

Nicole Wendy Forrester said...

Haha! Glad you enjoyed it Rich!

Rich's blog said...

I just saw this weeks relationship corner... but then came back to this and re read one of these .. i have to correct you here

"DO NOT attempt to workout without wearing a jock strap and avoid wearing gray sweats. I’m not going to say much about this one… Just trust me."

the only people wearing jockstraps to hold in their junk now a days are all over 70... its called under armour and it works great the only thing a jock does now is hold a cup... If a guy is wearing a jockstrap now a days ... YOU should run.

Nicole Wendy Forrester said...

Too funny Rich!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why wear a jockstrap? I'm not following on this one and I'm a woman...