Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Women Want...(Part 1)

Men often complain that women are hard to understand (even though we are actually clear as day).  My Wednesday blogs have been an attempt to clear up any misconceptions and shed a non-expert insight into the mind of women.  Today, I dare to share our deepest bathroom discussions of what it is we really like in a man when it comes to appearance. 
So here’s a candid perspective on what a woman like myself and friends look at in guys.  (Disclaimer – These opinions reflect my non-expert opinion and table discussions with like minded female friends.  Acting upon this advice may result in you landing a spot on People’s Magazine as The top 10 Hottest Men and a barrage of women wanting to steal you from your chosen love interest.)
When it comes to looks, I’m not going to lie and tell you that it’s what’s inside that only counts.  At the end of the day there has to be some attraction.  And generally attraction (at least for myself and friends) doesn’t come down to having a pretty face.  It’s all about what is within your control that you are graded most on – hair, body and attire.
When it comes to attracting the average females, fellas fix yourself… honestly!  Unless you are actually playing in the playoffs keep a clean shaven face.  You can’t go wrong with this.  Likewise, easy on the gel, and if you’ve got locks keep them neat.  Personally, I like the low shaved hairstyle.  (See my blog on 10 Things Men Don't Know, to understand more on this).  And if you’re going bald, no worries.  Most women are okay with this, so long as you don’t live in denial and start sporting a comb-over.  My suggestion, shave it all off (if you’ve got a nice head)… this can be very hot.
When it comes to your body, you have to treat it as a temple.  If you can’t take care of yourself how can we expect you to care for us… We’re not looking for someone with an 8-pack or a Bow Flex model, but preferably someone who looks like they are active a few times a week.  And that doesn’t mean having pipes for arms while packing a boiler/gutt - but, looking full- body healthy.  Work those legs… Run every now and then!  (If you subscribe to Darwinism you’ll really appreciate why the healthy appearance of a male is important to females.) 
Also, while everyone is talking about J-Lo and Pipen’s booty we females also enjoy a guy with a nice gluteal maximum (aka buttucks).  There is a serious shortage in this department!  There should be some distinction between where your back ends and booty starts…. Some lunges and serious squats can create this definition.
And when it comes to attire, just like your face, clean it up… Whether you like the Goth, Professional, Athletic or Whatever look keep it clean! For a universal appearance invest in a sharp pair of jeans, Kenneth Coles shoes and a casual yet sharp shirt…. Can’t go wrong with that.
For more on what it is that women want, check back next Wednesday when I will delve into the mental aspect.
On the eye watch,


OannaMSO said...

Hey Nicole, I truly agree with you. That’s definitely what I would want. Unfortunately those gods we women dare to dream of are rarely real (100%).
Most of men care about their looks, but don’t consider important some details that we find vital. And most of the time they’re either too proud to consider your opinion, or too lazy to go to the gym, or jog, or play basketball or whatever.
And in the end, they're the ones who don’t understand us…

Nicole Wendy Forrester said...

Got to believe in the dream... :) They're out there.