Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Classic Signs of a Bad Guy

I am not sure what was worse on Monday Night - the Canuck’s loss or the Bachelorette.  On the Bachelorette you had an insecure girl, falling for a guy, named Bentley, whom she had been warned about and displayed all the actions of a mastered player. 

I actually believe Monday’s episode of the Bachelorette should be watched by all females, to learn how NOT to be!

Ladies, beware of men dressed in sheep clothes who are really the Bad Guy.  Here are 3 classic signs of an advanced player.  If you come across any of these types of guys run like you are Usain Bolt!

Mr. Someday - This guy will give you a reason why he’s not interested in you now…but maybe in the future he will be.  He will soften it by telling you how amazing he thinks you are but for whatever reason (i.e. his fish just died) it can’t work with you, right now…   What he wants is for you to hang on.  He’ll do this by saying “someday” OR “who knows maybe down the road” OR in the case of Bentley on the Bachelorette say “Dot, Dot, Dot” you guys can be together.  I’m sorry if a guy isn’t interested in you NOW he doesn’t get to defer until a later time or when something better hasn’t come along….  This guy is selfish.  He wants to have his cake and eat it too.  Nothing is a bigger stroke to a man’s ego than to know a girl is pining over him, regardless if he’s interested in her or not.  DON’T BE THAT GIRL!!!  He needs to be POOFED! (Be Gone!)

Mr. Perfect - This guy knows all the right things to say and when/how to say it.  He presents himself as Mr. Perfect and may even dote on you. You may find yourself saying, “This guy says things I’ve never heard another guy say before.  He’s soooo different!”  No, he’s not! He’s running a game, and you need to run from him – FAST!  A man with flaws is actually a good thing.  It shows he’s human and not a robot or someone with an agenda.  Mr. Perfect is Mr. Player.

Mr. Hot & Cold - This guy can consume your precious mental space if you’re not wise to his game.  He wants you to want him.  His strategy is the good old cat and mouse – showers you with attention and then Poof! he vanishes.  This guy is usually a big texter…. Messages are coy with no true substance.  It might be a “I’ve been thinking of you” kind of text.  Then he might go ghost for a day or two, leaving you to wonder why you haven’t heard from him, especially after all he said.  What he’s doing is testing to see just how much he’s got you.  You calling or texting him after he’s vanished for a day or so, lets him know he’s got you just where he wants you.  My advice, you go ghost on him… for good!... POOF! Be Gone!

At the end of the day, a guy who is really into a girl will let her know.  He won’t play games.  He won’t put her on hold with the Someday crap and he won’t go ghost.  Ladies, we need to start demanding the best out of guys.  People will treat you how you let them.  Recognize your worth, and don’t settle for less! 
Next week I’ll delve deeper into this complex of good guys versus bad guys….

Signing off as your relationship non-expert,


Rich's blog said...

Ill be waiting for the good guys vs bad guys Nicole...

I have a few comments to this stuff but might as well wait... well...real quick.

1)The guy leaving you on the hook sure poof em...
2)Maybe "mr. perfect" was "trained" well by the women of his life and will actually mean it when he tells you that you are beautiful once a day and that he is happy to just sit in a room with you. no?
3)this is a 2-way street sister... girls do this all the time. I have heard from so many girls that they love the chase. And from more that they get bored when they know they have the guy hooked... so they move on. I don't know some guys might poof themselves if you don't play back.

Signing off as your non-expert devils advocate.

Nicole Wendy Forrester said...

As always you never fail to disappoint Rich. Good points… concerning Mr. Perfect and Mr. Hot & Cold…. Your examples are the exceptions and also, I am referring to in the beginning when a guy is first showing an interest in a girl. So, I’m not sure your examples are as common. They may in fact be the exception… Not to worry next week I’ll clarify…lol