Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Single in the City - ANOTHER 8 GREAT PLACES TO MEET SOMEONE (the summer edition)

A little while ago I provided a list of 8 great places to meet someone when you are “Single in the City.”  Well, I’ve decided to revisit that list and provide you with an updated version.  It appears I may have missed some spots, and with a couple months left of summer you will want to make use of these new additions. 


1. Golf Course – Ladies if you haven’t teed off you are missing out.  Whether you are in the club house, driving range or on the green, working on your putting skills, the golf course presents an ocean of male counterparts.  And seeing a girl hit + 200 yard tee shot or a ball lost in the trees might make you appear instantly hot or adorable.  Either way you are definitely gaining some attention.  The best time to go might depend on the golf course and the age group you are fishing for.  My suggestion is arrive early and stay late, lingering in the club house and engaging in some small talks with the passer bys.  You never know who you might meet. 

2. Cooking Class – Even if you are a queen banana bread baker and chef like me ;), taking a cooking class might be well worth it, if not to learn cooking terminology.  A recent encounter with a chef who teaches cooking classes across various cities confirmed for me what I always thought – cooking classes is a great place to meet someone.   My source revealed that he usually has an equal amount of women and men that take his classes.  The benefit of course is that, if you do meet someone you can be assured that if they can’t cook at least they are ambitious enough to learn.

3. Running Group – This is speed dating meets exercising.  Joining a running group is a great way to get fit and meet various people. You can find a running group as simples as checking out your local running shoes store, like the Running Room. You can usually run at your own pace and through partnering up enjoy some good conversations with various people.  If you don’t like who you are running with or don’t feel that spark, than that might be your insensitive to run faster and start chit chatting with another person.

4. Beach Volleyball – Does this need any further explanation???  Just get out there… Please remember to wear sunscreen though… safety first. ;)

5. Beer Store – Ladies much like golfing, this is YOUR haven.  You are likely to be the only girl in a beer store at any given time!  If you are a beer connoisseur you may be able to use that as your angle to begin small talk.  If not, go for the dark beer and or ask for help with getting that 12 pack from the top shelf and you’ll definitely have conversations coming your way.  Please note a Beer Store is NOT the same as a liquor store in the USA…. In fact, a liquor store is definitely not where you want to encourage small talks with strangers. RUN!

6. Head North - Oh, the joy of cottage living – relaxing, fun and another great place to meet someone.  However, you cannot do this by staying inside your cottage all weekend.  Head into town to the local “hot spot.”  This might be where you get great burgers, lures, or it could be the local convenient store (ok, hopefully it’s not the latter).  Something about being at the cottage typically makes people friendlier.  Engaging in small talk you might find yourself the honoured guest later that evening at a cookout or BBQ or invited on a boat ride the next day.  If you don’t have a cottage, don’t worry, rent a cottage with friends for the weekend or just head north anyways (as if you have a cottage) and hang out at the “hot spot” all weekend (but without looking creepie)…

7. Visit an Exhibit – This you can do solo, but be sure to carry yourself confidently, looking good and approachable (wear a smile).  You don’t have to be an expert or even a lover of the exhibit you are attending.  Curiosity is enough.  In fact, with curiosity you might have the courage to strike up a conversation about an exhibit piece to a stranger.  You’ll be surprised how many people may kill a weekend afternoon at an exhibit. 

8. Cocktails – Especially on a Thursday or Friday this can almost be synonymous with a meet market.  But, if you are interested in brushing up on your approachability and small talk skills this is the place.  I do suggest limiting yourself to bringing only one other friend (of the same gender).  A big group can seem intimidating for any possible suitors.  Also, location, location, location is key.  So, grab a chair close to the bar where people will be placing orders and traffic is high.  And as always, look good, approachable and wear a smile.

At the end of the day it’s all about putting yourself out there, without the stench of desperation and appearing approachable.  You might not find “The One” but you’ll be surprised at the incredible and fascinating people you’ll meet, simply by engaging in small talk.  And don’t be afraid to be the one that starts up a conversation.  One suggestion to my male readers: if a girl is responding to your small talk and you like her, don’t let it fizzle.  Ask her out!  (You’d be surprise how many guys might wimp out on this last step… you snooze you lose.)

And last but certainly not least, enjoy your time being single.  Meeting new people is also a chance to get to better know yourself.

Your Relationship Non-Expert,