Monday, August 22, 2011

The Truth About My Wednesday's Relationship Corner - ACHTUNG!

So, I’ve been blogging about relationships and matters of the heart for almost a year now.  It happened by chance when I began blogging about “The Game” and realized there was an interest in this topic.  Blogging on relationships were initially not the easiest or my favourite thing to do.  However, overtime I’ve grown a liking for these blogs.  And for some reason they incite the most responses, emails and offline discussions. 

But, what surprises me most about these Wednesday’s Relationship Corner blogs is the interest male readers have shown.  As a female I'm well aware of the "girl chat" perspective of relationships; but, hearing the interest of males on my meandering thoughts, I can’t help wondering whether the true hopeless romantics are men.

Whatever the case is, at the end of the day I think the only thing that people are seeking is to love and to be loved in return.  So why do people play these “games?”  Part of me can’t help thinking it has to do with not feeling worthy enough. 

People like what they can’t have and anything that is not a challenge seems to be undervalued.  Seems strange, doesn’t it?  Think about it… How many people do you know who have blown off someone who was a good person, but for whatever reason, they just weren’t "into" them, even though they were willing to give the world to that person.  It's almost like they unconsciously tell themself, that something must be wrong with anyone who could TRULY like them for who they are AND not because of their job, money or success. 

How many times have you done the blowing off???  We've all done it. 

To quote Oprah, "there is a difference you know, between thinking you deserve to be happy and knowing you are worthy of happiness."  You are worthy!

 The truth of the matter is we have got to start loving and treating ourselves the way we desire to be treated.  And I believe when you do this, you are in the position to be receptive of the person that is willing to treat you like the King/Queen you truly are instead of settling for the dud that makes you work for their attention. 

You’re worth it,

Relationship Non-expert…. Just a girl with a blog