Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Are You Going to the Olympics?

Well, it’s been some time since I last wrote a blog. I have pretty much disappeared into oblivion. I think with the Olympic Trials looming ever so close, I began to focus all attention towards qualification for the Olympic Games. This proved to be a stressful, but learning experience. I felt like I aged 20 years in the process!

For selection I was required to jump 1.95m (6’4 ¾) one month prior or during the Canadian Olympic Trials, and place top 4. The latter criteria, was less difficult, but the performance standard was a challenge (given the limited technical training I had this spring due to an ankle injury). I was jumping well in my competitions, but the performances weren’t coming through – my timing was off, and I was starting to pick up bad habits. Time and opportunity to jump this standard felt like it was running out…like sand through an hour glass!

Finally, after aggravating my ankle and experiencing a poor performance in Eberstadt, Germany (the high jump Mecca), I decided it would be best to head home – see my therapist and train with what little time remained. But, what this meant was that I would have 1 chance only to jump the required height – our Olympic Trials. I would have to jump 1.95m there, regardless of the conditions.

This could have seemed like an omniscient task, especially given the technical problems I was experiencing. But, I think I finally reached a point where I cared but just didn’t anymore. I just wanted to return to enjoying the high jump putting all requirements aside. And so I did, and in the process jumped 1.95m – setting a new Canadian Championship record and stadium record in the process.

Now, I can breathe deeply and respond to the frequent questions “Are you going to the Olympics?” with an affirming “Yes” response. Now the real work begins. Qualification was only the first part in this journey to Beijing, but competing and performing on the Olympic stage is another. I am enjoying this process, and look forward to the results!

Focused and Deliberate,

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