Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dating Shorter Men… PART I (ACHTUNG SERIES)

I stand a solid 1.921m (approximately 6’3 ½) without shoes….  I love my height (you can have a lot of random fun with people at this height).   In my eyes, the world is heavily populated by vertically challenged people.  But, that’s just my perception.

As a woman of my stature, people will often ask me how tall are the guys I date.  Well, unlike other females, I do not discriminate based on the height of a guy.  That seems ignorant to me, and not just because I’m tall, but, the quality of a person isn’t determined by their stature.  In fact, I’ve known A LOT of tall insecure men… And really who wants to date someone who doesn’t have a sense of self?

Perhaps, stature presents a masculine quality for some women.  Or perhaps it’s simply a case of supply and demand, whereby the lesser supply of tall men, make them appear more attractive (for some women) than their shorter counterpart.  Who knows?

Dating someone purely on the basis of their height seems as limiting as dating someone on the basis of their race.  The world is filled with phenomenal people – yours to discover!  Placing superficial constraints limits the endless possibilities of men who will treat you the way one deserves to be treated.

Likewise, supply is on your side.  When you limit your superficial barriers you have a wider net to cast true potential.   Essentially, you can have a full realm of possibilities; and in so doing really account for the qualities that truly matter.

Dating someone shorter can also be a means of testing a man’s confidence.  Let’s face it; it takes a lot more Kahunas for a man to date a woman taller than them.  For a man who has insecurity issues, it could test their TRUE masculine qualities.  Do they feel dwarfed and feminized in the presence of a statuesque woman, or empowered?   I will choose the empowered man any day of the week.  You become their uptown girl, like Christie Brinkley was for Billy Joel.

As for men out their daring to date a taller woman…. be sure you have your confidence in place. 

Enjoying the friendly skies,

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