Friday, April 15, 2011

Now is Not the Time

It seems throughout the course of a day, I get to experience utter and complete randomness. Thank goodness I have a sense of humour which allows me to laugh at some of the most unbelievable experiences I'll have. I'm not sure if it is because I am 6'3 1/2 or because I am sociable, or because I have something stamped across my forehead. Whatever it is, I thought I'd reflect this passing week of events and share with you a typical week of randomness in my life. Specifically, comments and questions made to me at really inappropriate times... Now is not the time for such questions!

‎​1. Interrupting my practice to proclaim you are the Messiah Coach of Track & Field.

2. Asking me how tall I am as I am hobbling into the Emergency Room.

‎​3. Asking me about my body, while I'm lathering up in a communal shower.

4. You are a complete stranger, walking up to me and asking for a hug because you think I am tall & elegant.

5. Stopping in the middle of traffic to ask me for my phone number.

6. Proclaiming the word of God, standing on my doorstep, while asking me if I play basketball. That is not the way to convert me to a Jehova Witness!

7. Asking me if I'd like your left over spaghetti as I wait for a friend.

Life is too funny! You have to love it!,