Monday, April 4, 2011


Tired of the negative discussion of performance enhancing drugs in Track & Field, I’m turning the table around on this blog and challenging the arm chair athlete…   Read at your own risk… ACHTUNG This! 

On March 31, 2011, I was ready to reach into my computer (if I could) and strangle ADAMS Whereabouts online system.   It was not being user friendly as I attempted to report my whereabouts, in accordance to WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).
As a National Track & Field Team Athlete, I am required to report where I will be (whereabouts) for the next 3 months, each quarter.  Athletes must account for every location - from sleeping, training, visiting a friend to competitions….EVERYTHING… while also guaranteeing 1 hour of each day (for those 3 months) where we will be for “random” drug testing. 
Within a given year, I will easily be tested “randomly” over 20 times.  Should they come to test me and I am not there, within 3 attempts, I would receive a 2 year ban from competition.  That means I cannot compete in the sport of Track & Field for 2 solid years, just for failing to be at home for a “random” drug test.   This penalty is similar to an actual drug offense.
While, I am grateful for this system it is a double edged sword. It brings to light what is done in the dark, while deterring other athletes from taking performance enhancing drugs.  However, for every person caught the reputation of Track & Field is injured.  The validity of great performances AND the physical appearance of Track & Field athletes are constantly questioned. 
A real sore spot on this topic for me, are the arm chair athletes who judge my sport as dirty, while proclaiming their favourite professional sport as being clean.  The landscape for drug abuse is so wide that EVERY sport has their cheaters…  We’re no longer in the 80’s… It’s not about STEROIDS anymore… Cheaters are becoming more savy.  Whether it is a beta blocker to keep an athlete relaxed to have a good swing, or hormones to help with recovery (so that an athlete can do more in training), cheaters seem to find a way… it’s truly sad!!! However I do not feel all athletes need to be painted by the same brush as the cheaters in the world. Likewise I do not believe drug abuse is by any means exclusive/mainly in track & field.  Perhaps, the sport of Track & Field just does a better job at revealing cheating athletes.
The truth of the matter is in anything in life, there will always be people looking for a short cut to success.  Fortunately, our rigid system in Track &Field is meant to deter cheaters and put a spot light on those who do!

For most professional sports, they are by no means under the same restrictions.  There is no reporting of whereabouts, the list of banned substances may not be as restricted and the penalty may be as little as a few games suspension... certainly, not a 2 year ban from competition.
Personally, I’d like to see ALL sports held to the standard of testing that my sport is. The results  may be as shocking as the book “Ball Four.”   Wouldn’t the average arm chair athlete be surprised… they might be eating a slice of humble pie as they reflect on their judgment towards Track & Field.
Believing in a Drug Free Sport... with a HUGE distaste for cheaters,

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