Thursday, May 5, 2011

Prologue: SPORTS MATTERS... more than you might imagine - PART 1 (ACHTUNG Series!)

The power of sports cannot and should never be underestimated!!!  Sadly, I believe many people do undervalue it.  Possibly seeing it only as just some extracurricular activity, while the true issues at hand (in Canada at least) are health and education.  What many fail to realize is just HOW and WHY sports is the solution to the major problems facing health and education! 
I got a reminder of this the other day, when someone dared to deny any benefit in the Olympic Games, with the exception of aristocrat gains and that Canada should not be trying to host the games.  This isn’t the first time I’ve heard such archaic claims. 
In fact, in our recent bid to host the Pan-American Games in Toronto, there were many who protested against Canada hosting such games.  Some politicians and people will scream the loudest of their disapproval for Canada to bid on hosting a major game, yet they will be the first in line to sing with Canadian pride as Olympians attempt to Own the Podium.
Many protestors will site the significant cost of hosting a major game as their primary reason…. However, what people fail to realize is that in fact the benefits of hosting a major games is so far reaching that the costs are negligible.  ACHTUNG THAT!
This is a topic I’m quite passionate about and cannot believe it’s taken me so long to finally blog on it.  However, I must thank my agitator for directing my future blogs on this topic.  Over the next few blogs, I will discuss the value of sports, our need to make it a priority, how it IS the cornerstone for health & education, the cost versus benefits of hosting the Olympic Games, and just why now more than ever Canada needs to take a second look at sports.
Oh, yah!  I’m not holding back on these next set of blogs…. Buckle up and hold on tight ... Another week of serious Achtung blogs are coming!

Something to chew on in the mean time.... (and while I am a MIZUNO girl and this is an ad from our competitor, in this case I think the message at hand is most important and universal to all.)


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