Monday, June 20, 2011

The Power of GRATITUDE

How easy is it is for us to point out the errors of one’s way or what is lacking?  We are critics.  And often we are our own biggest critics.

Being critical does not make you feel good.  It leaves you feeling incomplete and that you are always pursuing; it leaves you incapable of being content.  And yet, so many of us do it.

However, what we probably should be doing more of is expressing our gratitude and paying less attention to what we don’t have or failed to do.

I truly believe that taking time to account for what you are grateful for, positively shifts you.  Gratitude fills with you a feeling of goodness; that the impossible is possible and that there is more good things in store for you.  But, being critical only presents the barrier in your way. 

It is easy to sit back and see what you don’t have and how hard things are.  I call this the victim approach.  You essentially take on a “Woe is me” attitude.  And before you know it, you are caught in a doom circle.  Similarly, I believe through this sort of thinking you also open yourself up to the pitfall of fear – fear to do what it is you’ve always wanted; fear to attempt something challenging; fear to explore your possibilities.  Because the more you are critical, the more you see obstacles in your way.  Certainly this can’t help you.  It only solidifies the reasons why failure may be eminent.

Gratitude opens you up to realize the many things you have in your life that we take for granted.  It points out where you have succeeded despite having the deck stacked against you.  It is a fuel for success.  In essence you are taking note of your “small wins” in life.  And in so doing you open yourself to receive more things to be grateful for.

Gratitude isn’t something you only express for yourself.  But, it should also be applied to people in your life and those you encounter.  Take note of people’s good qualities and really appreciate it.  I guarantee you’ll start to see more of those qualities in them and they will also see more of your good qualities.

Gratitude can be as simple as being thankful for another day, the friends you have, the goodness you embody or your health.  It really is that simple and it is all around us.  There are a million things we all can be grateful for.  Take time today and everyday to make note of what you are grateful for.

Forever grateful,

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