Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to Know if Someone IS Just That Into You 4 Signs

In my recent blogs of being blown off, classic signs of bad guy and good guy vs. bad guy, I’ve eluded to key signs that someone is just not that into you.  So today, I thought I’d turn the table and discuss what it looks like when someone is really that into you. 
The problem is sometimes people who are JUST THAT INTO YOU might be confused with having the scent of desperation.  The thing is, if you don’t feel you are worthy enough or can’t understand why anyone would be crazy about you, when someone shows interest in you, you’re going to blow them off.  You’d sooner give the time of day to someone who is a bad guy/girl who isn’t really that into you.

I believe it all comes down to recognizing your own worth.  The truth of the matter is, when you can look in the mirror and really realize and believe that you are truly an amazing, incredible and one-of-a-kind person (and I’m not talking about arrogance), only then will you reach a place where you will expect anyone you are interested in to also recognize your greatness. 
My advice, settle only for someone who IS just that into you…
4 Signs that Someone IS Just That Into You
1. Calls When They Say They Will.  Someone into you is paying close attention to the clock, as if it is a countdown clock and will nervously/excitedly call you when they say they will.  They aren’t going to give you some random “story” as to why they didn’t call you.  If they have to run 5 miles, barefoot, in the dark and in the winter to find a phone to call you, they will! 
2. Introduces You To Friends or Families.  This one comes with a side of caution.  Someone with a low self-esteem or concerned about the opinions of others may want to parade you around like a trophy because of the kind of job you have, your wealth, how you look, or maybe simply because they don’t normally have a boyfriend/girlfriend.  Not a good situation to be in.  RUN from someone like this!
However, someone who is genuinely into you is excited about the kind of person you are.  You make them happy and they want their friends and family to see how amazing you are, that they too will want to be around you.  They are smitten and have no shame in it. :) 
3. Not Too Busy For You… willing to inconvenience themselves.  When someone is interested in you, no matter how busy they may be they find a way to fit you into their life.  Why???  Because they value you and you matter to them.  Being with you provides a sense of enjoyment and pleasure.  They feel good when they are around!  So even if they must give up sleep, food, water and all other requirements for survival, they’ll do that just to spend time with you.
4. Ask You Questions About Yourself.  Generally, the thing most people like to talk about is themselves - especially, when they are beginning to date someone.  They may be concerned about presenting themselves in a favourable light.  However, someone who asks you a lot questions about yourself, is really interested in YOU.  They are paying close attention to what you say and vividly painting a picture of what being with you would be like.   Unbeknownst to you, you are validating why you are so AWESOME and providing them with info they will likely take back to their friends to brag about you.
At the end of the day, you should never settle for someone is sort of into you.  You deserve someone who recognizes your worth!  But, remember it begins with YOU recognizing your own worth!  Life is meant to be abundant.  Never settle in love or in anything in life!
Your relationship non-expert,